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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

XBlade 46

Woo it has been a while since our last release, hasn't it? A lot has happened since the last chapter of our first series, but we are back with chapter 46! During that time, we have picked up two more projects, Psycho Busters and Sengoku Basara Ranse Ranbu! We'll be picking up one more when XBlade is completed, but we aren't sure which one yet. We have a lot to choose from since all of you have sent us a lot of suggestions! Keep them coming and we will plow through them! In the meantime, enjoy chapter 46 of XBlade :)


  1. Thank you for Xblade! Only more 3 chapters!!
    Hey guys, Do you intend to make the xblade sequel, XBlade Cross?

    Well, I suggest:
    Karakuri Circus, Shoukoku no Altair, Teiichi no Kuni,Tsukuyomi - Moon Phase and Gurazeni.

  2. Thanks for the release, hopefully the end will be soon.
    Any chance you could do the last volume of Bloody Monday last season?

    Also the horse is kinda scary,

  3. yea instead of picking another series please finish xblade cross aswell

    1. I think we are going to pick up XBlade Cross too!