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The series that we pick up pretty much come from suggestions. We want to put out what people want to read! Do you have a suggestion for us? Then tell us here! Two things though:

1. No hentai. No. We will not be working on stuff like that. Sorry.
2. Our group tends to shy away from shoujo. That is because there are a TON of other groups doing shoujo series. I don't want to say we won't do it...but we'll look at titles of other genres first. Just being honest.

With that being said, feel free to suggest titles that you would like to see finished and any additional information about it that you think we should know! Thanks :)


  1. One Outs (, from the author of Liar Game. Already completed. Current group has very erratic releases.

    Takkoku (, from the author of law of Ueki and Anagle Mole. Also completed, last release was almost 2 years ago.

  2. Here's some suggestions. All of these haven't had a release for a while.


    Saturn Apartments

    Tales of Agriculture

    Crime and Punishment

    Moon Flower Beauty

  3. Here are the ones I suggested under 'Contact Us';

    Shiranai Kuni no Monogatari

    Light Wing


    There are some other comments I made about them; their status.

  4. Jabberwocky



    This series are amazing, but unfortunately they are dropped for a long time, it would be amazing if you took one of these.

  5. I suggest these two
    Yakumo Tatsu
    Yami no Kodou
    I would love if you picked these up!

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  7. Another great manga that is completely forgotten:


  8. Hello, I'm the leader of Happy Scans and one of our guys would very much like to finish this one:

    We'd be glad to help with editing

  9. Please please finish The World is Mine.

    And to the guys wanting to read Saturn Aparments and Jormungand go to amazon and buy em cuz those are already available in English.

    1. From what I found, it looks like The World is Mine is finished. Looks like there are 115 chapters and I found them here:

    2. There are still 4 volumes that haven't been translated.

  10. I'd like to second the suggestions of One Outs, Crime and Punishment, Yakumo Tatsu and Tales of Agriculture.

    And how about these?
    Kagerou Nostalgia
    Souldrop no Yuutai Kenkyuu
    The Night When the Amaryllis Blooms
    Izayoi no Hitmoi
    Goshimei Bushou Sanada Yukimura - Kageroi
    Hinamizawa Teiryuujo - Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Genten
    Teiichi no Kuni
    Hi no Matoi
    Shin Pet Shop of Horrors

    A couple of these are shoujo, but they're the kind of shoujo that will likely never get scanlated again, niche as they are.

  11. Kazuo Umezu's Watashi wa Shingo. It's already fully translated (contact GGpX at Illuminati); so it wouldn't be hard to finish.

    1. May I ask why the group who has the translations won't release it themselves? If they really need editors, I can look over the pages, I'm just curious about why they can't release it.

  12. I already lost hope of ever seen these two completely translated, but who knows, you might like them as projects:

    Chaosic Rune ES
    The sequel to Chaosic Rune that never got completely escanlated. It's basically Yugioh! but with the monsters really having an impact on the physical world and causing havoc. The only thing is that Manga-updates lists it as "Complete/Discontinued?" and by looking at the raws, I have no idea if the author gave closure to the story.

    Shadow Skill
    This is a weird one: Started in 1993, so it could be said that it's old school. It got "finished", but then it restarted again and it's still on serialization. It's basically a straight forward fighting manga, with some elements of magic an mystery here and there. The only thing is that only one volume got ever scanlated year ago, and no one has given it the chance again.

  13. I second Shin Pet Shop of Horrors.
    I'd be so happy if you guys could finish this manga.
    Thanks for your hard work, it's really appreciated!

  14. This is a perfect one, a mystery manga:

    Rocket Man:

  15. Ikki Tousen, Not dropped Persee, but the Official Trans was shit and is defunct

  16. Another great manga, but this is normal, it´s a manga made by Furuya.

    Genkaku Picasso:

  17. Rappi Rangai

  18. What about

  19. This is some awesome suggestions … … … …

  20. Dear Rocking Horse Scans,
    thank you for finishing up that were abandoned by others.

    i have a suggestion, Mushibugyou, the series moved from being a monthly to a weekly manga. it only has 24 chapters and 8 of them were scanlated.

  21. Hi, everyone!
    I am visiting the scan for the first time and liked the proposal of you.
    I have very good suggestions for mangas that are no scans or abandoned:

    Umimachi Diary (Winner of the 2013 Manga Taisho Awards.) - abandoned

    Gaku (2008 Manga Taisho ("Cartoon Grand Prize") and the 2009 Shogakukan Manga Award for general manga.) - abandoned

    Flower of Life (Nominated for the first Manga Taishō award in 2008.) - abandoned

    Nobunaga Kyousoukyoku (Nobunaga Concerto) - no scans

    Jabberwocky - abandoned

    Hi no Tori - no scans

    All are excellent mangas!

  22. here i have a suggestion
    thanks for your work, i really apreciate it

  23. RH Plus - about vampires, 4 volumes and zero releases.

  24. I would really like to read "Hi no matoi" by inui miku. There are 8 volumes so far and manga is still ongoing. So far only 2 chapters have been translated and the scanlation group bliss shutdown. So there is no one else doing it.

  25. I would really love if you guys could open a exception for the shoujo-ey genre manga Hi no Matoi. I've tried to find a place to buy the volumes everywhere, but the only place I did find does not ship to my country*cries*
    It's a very intriguing story with beautiful art and loveable characters, it's such a shame to leave it to waste away forgotten in the shadows :(

  26. RH plus, I've been looking it up but it seems that it can't be found anywhere. The live action drama was cringe-worthy, but the story had so much potential, I think the manga might be good.

  27. Gonna have to suggest you complete your Soil scanlation. I'm dying to know the end of it :)

  28. Kotonoha no Niwa RAW

  29. I have Kanshikan Tsunemori Akane manga in all their chapters and the current chapters of PSYCHO-PASS 2 manga!