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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Psycho Busters 32

After a delay, we finally bring you the final chapter of Psycho Busters! We are grateful to everyone coming here and taking the time to leave a comment on our page. It really means a lot! We want to thank everyone who has helped us in getting this series out and all of our readers. With the release of this last chapter, I want to do two things that aren't necessarily related to it:

1. Announce that we re-released Die 16 of Hell's Angels. That chapter went up in flames but we fixed it and you can read it on! It was definitely a disaster that we learned from lol

2. There is now a suggestion page! Scroll up to the top and it will be the last link on the right. Please go there to suggest any series that you would like us to pick up. It's hard trying to keep track of all the comments when they are so spread out. I actually have a written list of everything that has been suggested and it's just...all over the place. So please please suggest series on that page.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Soil 58

Here is our second release in one day, Soil 58! We want to thank everyone for all the support we are getting; it really means a lot. And while I have you all here, if there are any translators that would like to join our group, we could really use your help! If there is anyone that is interested, please comment here or email us at! Thanks for reading and enjoy the chapter :)

Hell's Angels: Die 16

We haven't had a release in a while, but we have been busy! We are going to be releasing a lot of things pretty soon plus announcing our next 2 projects! This chapter of Hell's Angels has been a battle for us as we try to get our skills together as a group. Hopefully this wasn't a complete disaster as the raws were pretty bad. But practice leads to perfection so here we go! Enjoy the chapter and stick around for our next releases :)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Psycho Busters 31

We are one chapter away from the ending of Psycho Busters as we bring you chapter 31! With the final release coming, we will have completed our second project and it's just as exciting as finished our first. Changes are still being made to the site and we thank everyone for all the comments being left on these posts. It really does mean a lot, even if you think it doesn't. So enjoy the chapter and get ready for the conclusion of Psycho Busters coming really soon :)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Soil 57

As promised, we have picked up Soil and we are bringing you its first chapter since April 2012! This is quite the interesting series and we are excited to be working on it! Thanks for reading and enjoy the chapter :)