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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Projects! + Pardon Our Mess

After going through all the suggestions that were left by everyone, we have picked up three new projects based on what was suggested the most. So, we are happy to announce that we are picking up Hell's Angels, Soil, and Tokyo Underground! We were lucky enough to have a guest translator volunteer her services for Psycho Busters so if there is a translator out there who would like to help us with any of these, that would definitely help us get these chapters out faster! Our first release for Hell's Angels will be out soon :)

P.S. Our website will be getting a makeover but everything will still be functional. Please bear with us during this transition!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

XBlade 49: END

The first part of XBlade is finished and we are bringing you the last 2 chapters at once! Our first series has been completed and we cannot be more excited! To reference the post that was made yesterday, we still need volumes for XBlade Cross beyond the first one. Any help in finding these would be greatly appreciated! We also want to thank everyone who takes the time to comment and give us ideas for projects to take on. We will be announcing our next two series very soon so keep sending us requests! Well, enough of my nonsense, enjoy the last 2 chapters of XBlade Part 1!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Psycho Busters 30

Here we are with another chapter of Psycho Busters! After this, there are only 2 more chapters until it's done! I just wanted to take a second and really thank everyone who has volunteered to help us on these projects. It really means a lot that everyone is working to make this a group effort on getting these abandoned series finished. With that said, we do need some help. First, another translator would be great. Also, we want to pick up XBlade Cross but it's difficult to find the raws beyond the first volume. If anyone knows where the other volumes can be found, please let me know!

And this is completely unrelated, but I'm adding things to our website to make it a bit more interesting, so check out the Staff page in case you wanted to know who is working on these series. We have most of the staff up there, and make sure to drop us a line if you would like to join :) Enjoy the chapter!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Psycho Busters 29

We are back with another chapter of Psycho Busters! Only a few more until its completion, so I hope all of you are ready for the conclusion! Thank all of you for reading and get ready for us to announce the next 2 series we will be picking up. Enjoy the chapter :)